BOISE -- A brush fire is still smoldering Tuesday night near Blacks Creek road, after a fire ignited in the area earlier in the evening.

The fire started just to the north of the Eisenman Road Interchange, coming within a half a mile of Micron's Boise campus.

No buildings were threatened, but there was structure protection, just in case.

Mallory Eils with the Bureau of Land Management said the fire had grown to 1,200 or 1,500 acres.

We're not expecting much more growth. They got most of the forward progress of the fire stopped we're just working on a couple of hot spots that could potentially cause some problems, Eils said.

Eils says four helicopters were dumping water from above, while tankers and dozers contained the fire from moving onto the interstate and causing any closures.

Crews will continue to monitor the fire through the night.

Investigators have determined the fire was human caused.

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