BOISE -- Former Canyon County Prosecutor John Bujak came away with a victory in court Friday as a judge ruled in his favor regarding public records.

Bujak had requested to see copies of text messages between a local newspaper editor and the current county prosecutor.

The messages were related to a criminal evidence tampering case against him.

After the county did not send the records, Bujak sued.

On Friday afternoon a judge ruled that the messages are public record and Bujak will get his copies.

Personally I learned something today about my old office. I thought that maybe they were coming after me with vicious intent. It seems clear to me that they were just struggling with a difficult legal issue first impression and I appreciate their professionalism in the courtroom here today, Bujak said.

Prosecutor Brian Taylor issued a statement saying his office is grateful for the judge's guidance in how to approach text messages as public record.

The county is not out any money on this case, it simply must turn over the documentation.

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