NAMPA - Take a day trip around Canyon County, and you're bound to see plenty of diverse crops growing in area fields. And if you're like most people, you might wonder what is that?

Now there's some good news for folks wondering what's popping up out of the ground in Canyon County. The Nampa/Caldwell Chamber of Commerce has created interpretive signs.

We feel like as kind of the agricultural link the chambers of Nampa and Caldwell, that we can provide kind of an educational experience for local people that are interested in what's being grown in this area, said Rod Endow.

Rod Endow is on the chamber's agribusiness committee. Endow grew up on an Idaho farm. He says he can identify most of the stuff growing out here, but he's the exception.

That's why we put out the sign so people can just drive by and see what crops are growing here and be able to recognize them, said Endow.

There's mint, onions, and of course, Idaho's famous potatoes just to name a few. Endow says farmers and drivers he has heard from like the signs.

I think they (farmers) want the public to know what they're growing and to appreciate that a lot of the crops that they're growing are the things that are showing up on people's plates and on their tables, Endow said.

Agriculture is a big part of Canyon County's economy. Endow says its makes up more than half of the county's total revenue. It's a big part of the economy and life in Canyon County. The chamber wants people to feel more connected.

I think if they can associate, as they're driving down the road, with the crops that are on the side of the highway, I think it has a lot more meaning to them when they sit down at the table, he said.

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