BOISE - Kayakers now have a place just minutes from downtown Boise where they can hit the white water. After working on the project since 1995, the City of Boise opened its new whitewater park Thursday.

I think if you just look out there right now, there's a lot of happy kayakers and folks on all kinds of boats that are really having a great time, said Jim Hall, Director of the Boise Parks and Recreation Department.

BobKaiser hit the water on opening day. Last year, I'd have to go up to Cascade...but that's a long drive and so I was really going every other week. That was kinda hard.

Kaiser has 17 years of kayaking experience.

I think this park is really nice. I live downtown here in Boise, and it's two miles away, and I work down here and so it's easy to get here pretty much any time of day, said Kaiser.

He was just one of the kayakers who say they'll use the park several times a week.

Mike Voorhees came out to watch his sons, the youngest is eight. All three of his sons, have been kayaking since they were 6-years-old.

My boys come down everyday because two of them are going to compete next weekend at the U.S. nationals, said Voorhees.

Voorhees also says the new park should bring more families to the sport, adding a local opportunty that hasn't been historically available. It's going to open it up to a lot more families because they didn't really have these, Voorhees added.

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