BOISE -- In the aftermath ofMonday evening's storm, emergency personnel worked throughout Boise to repair power lines and downed trees caused by intense winds up to 60 m.p.h.

Evidence of the powerful wind was scattered throughout backyards, streets, and alleyways.

The storm uprooted a large tree located on N. 4th Street and W. Washington Street. The huge trunk fell across the street blocking traffic.

Boise street crews had the tree cut and cleaned up just before 10 p.m.

A Boise Police officer also told KTVB he'd heard reports of several downed tree, some that fallen in the historic Warm Springs district of Boise.

Just off Hill Road, on West Neff Court, storm winds blew a large tree onto a home. The family living in the house heard a crash and when they came outside saw a large portion of the tree lying over the roof.

Debbie Jackson said she was not home when it happened but her kids were.

I just heard a crack, and then I looked out my window and it was in half, said her son, Conner Jackson.

Debbie Jackson says her insurance company told her it could be an entire week before the damage to her home can be assessed. She also worries about the damage left to her roof after the tree is removed.

My biggest concern is that there is damage to the roof and that there could be some water damage at some point, Jackson said.

City crews are expected to clean up much of the damage throughout Tuesday, while many homeowners will certainly be doing the same thing.

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