BOISE -- Authorities say 37-year-old Troy Epperley of Boise was shot and killed by police late Thursday evening in a standoff situation where he allegedly brandished a handgun and made aggressive movements towards four police officers.

Police say one of those officers fired a single shot that struck Epperley in the abdomen, subsequently killing him. He was pronounced dead just before 12 a.m. Friday at a nearby hospital.

A police spokesperson says all four officers attempted to give first-aid to Epperley immediately after he was shot.

The office of Ada County Coroner Erwin L. Sonnenberg released a forensic autopsy report regarding Epperley's cause of death just before Noon on Friday.

You can see a copy of the official report by clicking here.

The case is under investigation by the Ada County Critical Incident Multi-agency Task Force.

The Boise Police Department's community ombudsman will also review the case.

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