CROUCH, Idaho -- What do you do with hundreds of photos, stacks of valuable artwork, and the framed uniform of the town's former (and only) policeman?

That question has lately been plaguing Kim Bosse, the Secretary and Treasurer of the City of Crouch. Bosse is currently trying to raise about $65,000 to convert the historic Crouch library to a City Hall office/Museum to house the above artifacts, and also provide needed civic space.

And while the old library was recently retired and a new one built, Bosse says keeping the old building alive will preserve itshistory. Bosse says once completed, the transformed space will help the town of Crouch tell the story of its past, while also providing an attraction for folks passing through the area.

What I'd like to do is capture things from days gone by, Bosse told KTVB.

Bosse says the cash she hopes to raise will pay for heating and air conditioning, a new foundation, and landscaping for the historic library. What's more, because the town doesn't tax its citizens, Bosse says the cash will have to come from donations.

And while a few folks around town have already contributed, so far, the funds only total about $185 dollars.

If you want more information about the effort, or want to donate, you can contact the City of Crouch at 208-426-4687.

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