HAILEY -- 26-year-old Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl was taken prisoner in Afghanistan three years ago.

In his hometown of Hailey, people are echoing what Bergdahl's parents have recently spoken out about.

You won't find more yellow ribbons anywhere else than in Blaine County.

Residents tell KTVB, they too believe it's been too long and our country's leaders need to do more to bring him home.

It's a community effort and everybody is concerned and everybody would like to see him come home, Blaine County resident Bo Hoag said.

Signs asking for Bergdahl's safe return continue to hang at Zaney's River Street Coffee House in Hailey where they will stay there until the day he comes home.

Hailey resident Marlene Valdivia says, I think everyday someone says something about it.

The 26-year-old soldier went missing somewhere in Afghanistan in 2009 and authorities believe he is still alive, but many say three years is too long to wait.

Being able to know that they are still alive and not be able to access them I can only imagine, said Hoag.

Bergdahl's parents Bob and Jani went public this week expressing frustration by stalled efforts to free their son.

I just think Obama needs to get on it, expressed Valdivia.

Residents in Hailey want quicker action from the U.S. Government also.

Haily resident Susan Sebold said, I think the president needs to get involved put his foot down and say let's go get this young man whatever it takes whether it's secretive or not find him go get him bring him home.

Bergdahl's story has garnered much support that KTVB's Andrea Lutz has been in contact with a Wisconsin family who has gathered over 100,000 signatures since March, for a petition to send to Washington D.C. to show support for Bergdahl.

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