BOISE -- All the recent rain has put a damper on some area weddings this summer.

The wooden beams holding up the Eyrie gazebo at Kathryn Albertson Park have rotted from the recent rain, and the structure has collapsed.

On Wednesday, city workers were seen clearing the large wooden logs from the area.

We know it's popular and people will be disappointed, but for the safety of our customers and visitors it was best to remove the roof altogether, said Amy Stahl.

Stahl is the Community Relations Coordinator for Boise Parks and Recreation. On Wednesday, she said her office was rapidly working to reschedule 35 summer reservations at the venue.

Of course we are disappointed for brides or people who were hoping to have a certain type of ambiance for their event, but we are very hopeful we can find another location, said Stahl.

There is another gazebo in Kathryn Albertson Park, and Stahl went on to say there are also other parks with desirable venues where couples could reschedule.

Boise residents Trevor and Kisha Majors were married at the Eyrie gazebo eight years ago. On Wednesday afternoon, the two were seen strolling through the park.

Well, when I was walking along I said 'didn't there used to be a roof?' laughed Trevor Majors.

The Majors were married several years ago in May when temps were in the 90 s. They told KTVB they remember their wedding at the gazebo as a place where friends and family could meet in a quaint location.

It s a memory we wanted to be able to re-cherish, said Kisha Majors.

Stahl said the Boise Parks and Recreation Dept. performs regular checks of all their structures, including bridges -- and they even check for bugs. She also said the particular structure has never failed before.

Stahl said that out of the 35 wedding reservations scheduled at the park from May until October of this year, a number of couples are still choosing to hold their wedding at the gazebo even without the roof.

Trevor and Kisha say they hope some couples will continue to get married at the choose to stay.

At least consider it still, because I think an outdoor wedding with this background is absolutely beautiful, said Kisha Majors.

To inquire or change an existing reservation at the park, you can contact the Boise Parks and Recreation reservation office at 608-7644 or visit

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