BOISE- Boise Firefighters are always paying attention to the Boise River. A diving and swift water rescue team is based out of Station One and are trained to handle water rescues. They went out this week to check out the river. The levels change the way they handle their job on the water.

That's really important for us to be on the river all the time because when the river drops, then it changes, said Captain Noel Rios.

Captain Rios is a trained diver and swiftwater rescue technician. He's been on the Boise Fire Department's water rescue crew for more than 10 years. Rios said Boise Fire is the only department in Ada County with water rescue teams on duty at all time.

It's not something to just take for granted, thinking you can just come in and swim in the Boise river right now because it's really hazardous, said Rios.

KTVB mounted a camera on their Jet Ski to get a first hand look at what a water rescue looks like. The only thing KTVB can't capture is how cold the water was Tuesday.

The water is frigid right now, said Rios.

He said the river can do serious damage to anyone who is not prepared. They're going to get in a lot of trouble real fast if they don't have a life vest on or anything like that.

Boise firefighters caution against getting in the water... especially without a wet suit, a life vest and a helmet. When summer comes and people get back on the water, Boise Firefighters will be out there ready to help.

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