DONNELLY, Idaho -- Tamarack Resort lost $299,000 during the 2011-2012 ski season, but plans to run the golf course and other amenities this summer before another ski season next winter.

Tamarack Municipal Association director Tim Flaherty said Friday property owners will pay $1,000 interim assessments to raise $330,000.

He says that's meant to ensure the association's finances are robust enough to carry it through to completion of state court foreclosure proceedings.

Then, Flaherty hopes a buyer arrives to complete unfinished facilities such as the sprawling, insulation-clad Village Plaza that's been vacant since Tamarack ran out of money in 2008.

Flaherty says Tamarack lost money following a small profit in 2011 because deferred lift maintenance added to expenses, insurance rates rose, the resort paid more to lease state land and poor weather discouraged skiers.

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