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BOISE -- An Idaho Falls man was given a hefty sentence on Tuesday for a fraud scheme where he faked a motorcycle crash to gain insurance money.

According to the State of Idaho's Attorney General's Office, 31-year-old Jason Preston and his girlfriend teamed up to pull off the ill-fated caper in July of 2011.

Attorney general's spokesman Bob Cooper says that Preston put his motorcycle in the back of his pickup and instructed his girlfriend to drive 40-50 miles per hour. According to Cooper, Preston then pushed the motorcycle out of the pickup truck and onto the road.

The scheme didn't end there.

Cooper says Preston then had his girlfriend drag him down the road behind the truck in order to make his clothing look like it had been damaged in a motorcycle accident.

Preston then reported the accident to authorities and his insurance company, saying he had went down to avoid an animal.

Investigators at the Bonneville Sheriff's Dept. and the Idaho Dept. of Insurance soon became suspicious of Preston's story.

Their resulting investigation saw Preston charged with insurance fraud and damaging insured property.

Preston pleaded guilty to the two charges on March 29th. He was sentenced to 1 to 4 years in prison, 20 days in the county jail, 100 hours of community service, and 4 four years of probation. A sixth district judge also order the Idaho Falls man to pay a $750 fine and court costs.

However, the court did suspend his prison sentence.

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