BOISE -- Fourteen stories above downtown Boise, an aerial dance is taking place.

That's because a pair of peregrine falcons are courting one another in the blue skies of the Treasure Valley. The Peregrine Fund reports that the pair have been exchanging food, calling to one another and preparing a gravel scrape, where eggs would be laid.

But you don't have to be a bird or in a plane (or Superman) to see this pair of raptors at work.

That's because Idaho Fish and Game, with the help of the Peregrine Fund, established a nesting box on the 14th story of the Syringa Bank building in 2002.

Nestled in the box is some gravel, an Idaho Fish and Game sticker and a webcam. You can check out the webcam at any time and get updates on the pair. If you're lucky, you might also catch a glimpse of both the male and the female.

The Peregrine Fund said the pair who occupied the nesting box in 2011 had laid their first egg by April 7. They said it is unsure if this pair is the same one or even whether they will lay eggs.

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