BOISE -- Four of the five mushers with Idaho ties finished The Last Great Race on Earth .

The last musher arrived in Nome, Alaska, on Sunday, officially ending the 2012 Iditarod. It took the winner of the race, 25-year-old Dallas Seavey, just 10 days to finish.

Karin Hendrickson, who used to live in Idaho, arrived in Nome in 36th place. She was the highest ranking Idahoan to finish the race this year.

Trent Herbst, who recently moved to Alaska from Ketchum, also finished on Friday. He pulled into Nome just one hour and 45 minutes after Hendrickson, in 37th place.

Southeast Idaho native Justin Savidis crossed the line with his team of sled dogs in 45th place on Saturday.

Idaho's only rookie in the race this year, Timberline graduate Jaimee Kinzer, also completed her trek on Saturday. The race took her 12 days and she placed 47th.

We cannot forget about our Grangeville musher, Kirk Barnum. He scratched before finishing the race. A scratch in the Iditarod does not mean Barnum did anything wrong, but instead made the decision himself to end the odyssey early. According to an official Iditarod blogger, the most common reason a musher scratches is because he decides it is in the best interest of the team.

Hendrickson, Herbst, Kinzer, Savidis, and Barnum may not have won The Last Great Race on Earth , but just participating in the 1,150 mile trek through the roughest terrain in Alaska, is an accomplishment in itself.

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