Napolean Elvord is a lottery regular, but it took him a while to realize he'd hit the Megabucks jackpot on January 14th.

He bought the ticket at a Mobil station in Madison, Wisconsin, then temporarily lost it.

He said he couldn't find it for three days and so didn't know that he'd won.

Luckily, he found it on his table at home.

Friday he got the giant check symbolizing the $14.3 million jackpot.

He's opted to take the one-time lump sum payment, which will come out to just shy of $6.9 million after taxes.

And as for what he plans to do with it, Elvord said he's currently a semi-retired construction worker.

I hadn't really made any plans yet, but I do look at the economy and think about the people that have lost homes that had homes and had jobs, he said. And I'm into construction, I like remodeling, fixing up things and I'm looking at possibly doing something in that area to re-sell homes and bring people back into their housing area.

Elvord also said he's looking forward to getting away.

Though he wouldn't really give us specifics as to where he's planning to go, he said it will be someplace warm.

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