BOISE -- Jasolyn Drennon was battling bone cancer in her foot. You may remember her from a 7's Hero report done in August, when several members of her family shaved their heads to show her that she is not alone in her battle.

In October, she had to have amputation surgery to remove part of her leg, but she is not letting that slow her down. Instead, she is inspiring her family and her community.

The Drennon family was there to support Jasolyn and her mom CJ.

They all showed up and waited with me at the hospital and let me cry on their shoulders, said CJ.

Jasolyn recently got her prosthetic leg. Until the interview with KTVB, her extended family still hadn't seen her walk.

She was proud to show her new leg to her family, and she even removed the prosthetic.

She got her independence back, said CJ.

Jasolyn's fight with cancer isn't over yet. She still has four cycles of chemotherapy left at St. Luke's. Even chemo isn't slowing her down.

She gets a blood transfusion after each round of chemo, explained her mother. Thank the Lord for everyone who donates blood.

A framed imprint of Jasolyn's foot, taken before the amputation, hangs on the wall at the hospital.

She visits it every time she goes to the hospital. It's a symbol of what she has survived and what is ahead of her.

She gets to grow up and have babies and get married and have a full life. And do everything and anything anyone with two legs can do, said CJ.

Jasolyn Drennon is proof that inspiration comes in small, adorable packages. That is why she is this week's 7's Hero.

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