MERIDIAN -- Police in Meridian are looking for information about the possible abuse of an 8-month-old puppy found wandering on Eagle Road last week with trauma wounds to its head.

Veterinarians can't say for sure if it was animal abuse, but believe the dog was struck with something hard and more than once.

With his head wrapped in a cone so it can heal, this 8 month old Australian mixed puppy named Tanner is doing better.

It s upsetting because he is so sweet, he is such a good dog and I don t understand it at all, said Kaitlin Wells.

Wells who is fostering Tanner for the time, is upset because just last week he was found roaming the streets near a shopping center off Eagle road, with a bloody head from what vets say was some sort of trauma.

All we do know is that it appears to be a blunt force object caused by what or by whom we do not know the Meridian Police department is investigating, said Caroline Pavlinik the Vice President for the Meridian Humane Society.

Meanwhile at her home in Nampa, Kirsten Honeymiller is hoping her cat Smokey will regain use of his front leg.

It was what they called a kill shot, said Honeymiller. She found Smokey lying in the garage injured from a pellet gun, Saturday evening.

They said we have to give it a few weeks because it did so much damage to that nerve patch on his shoulder so if it doesn t start to work again they suggested amputation, she said.

Its cases like these ones that keep Virginia Hemingway who is the President of Idaho 1 of 3 Inc. moving forward on an initiative that would make animal abuse a felony in Idaho. She said Idaho is one of 3 states that don t issue felonies for animal abusers.

Virginia Hemingway 6:06 the people who commit these abuses are not fined or jailed or given an appropriate sentence and its time that they were 6:16.

After failed attempts at the Idaho legislature, her group, Idaho 1 of 3 Inc. is trying to place an initiative on the ballot to let voters decide in November of 2012.

We need about 50,000 signatures by April 30th, said Hemingway.

Kirsten is still hoping someone will come forward with clues for whoever shot her cat Smokey.

The Honeymillers said they have already spent hundreds of dollars on treatment for their cat Smokey.

I am mad and I am disgusted that somebody would do that to an animal to somebody's pet, Honeymiller said.

8 month old puppy Tanner now needs a permanent and patient family that can care for his special needs. Tanner s vet told the Meridian Humane Society that he is going to have brain damage from whatever struck him.

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