BOISE -- The woman who Ada County deputies said purposely crashed her car into oncoming traffic and injured two could face felony aggravated battery charges.

The 70 year old woman and a 64 year old male victim are still both in the hospital as of Thursday evening. Even though the woman already told deputies she was trying to commit suicide, Boise lawyer David Leroy warns, attorneys may have to find a way to prove her intent, if the case goes to court.

We will simply have to await more facts to determine how it is the prosecutor is able to conclude or allege that this was a suicide attempt in which someone else was injured, if they attempt to prove that at all, says Leroy.

He says aggravated battery is injuring someone with a weapon and in this case, the weapon is the car.

Jennifer Stewart, who works for Animals R Us located on State Street, remembers every moment of the Wednesday morning crash, He wasn t moving at that point and then when I saw him moving I ran to him immediately and just asked him to lie down and lay still.

She was arriving to work, and heard the loud collision, so she jumped into action.

I had the towel on his head and held him still and talked to him and just tried to focus on him and get him to focus on me and to stay awake, says Stewart.

The 64 year old man lay on the highway, after being ejected from his truck. Ada County deputies say the 70 year old woman was attempting to end her own life, so she swerved into oncoming traffic creating a chain of crashes. Although, investigators must still gather more evidence before sending their claims to the Ada County Attorney s office, its possible battery charges could follow.

Jennifer Stewart visited the 64 year old man in the hospital Thursday, He is calling me his guardian angel, and he is sweet.

She visits, because now she is someone s hero.

Hopefully there are no complications and everything will come out okay for him. I will go see him in a couple of days and say hi to him again, Stewart says.

Doctors told her Thursday, the man should be home in a week. The Ada County Sheriff s Department said the 70 year old woman could be out of the hospital by this weekend, police may decide to charge her by then.

She could face two felony battery charges because there was another victim in the crash, a 20 year old man. He was already released from the hospital with minor injuries.

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