BOISE -- The Idaho State Bar has filed a complaint against former Canyon County Prosecutor John Bujak alleging professional misconduct. The Bar Association wants the state Supreme Court to suspend Bujak's law license. Bujak resigned as county prosecutor last year.

In documents filed with the Idaho State Bar Professional Conduct Board, the Bar says Bujak engaged in 'dishonest conduct' by 'theft or embezzlement of money or the wrongful taking or conversion of money, property or other things of value.'

The complaint says with a specific client, Bujak refused to refund unearned fees collected and borrowed money from a client without intention to repay it. In that, the complaint alleges Bujak engaged in 'conduct involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit or misrepresentation.'

The complaint also names another situation where the Bar claims Bujak violated rules of professional conduct because of conflict of interest and solicitation of a 'substantial gift from a client.'

The Idaho Supreme Court will decide whether Bujak will be suspended.

In an interview with KTVB a few weeks ago, Bujak said he has been doing some private legal work since his resignation. He filed paperwork this year to begin raising campaign funds to possibly run for Canyon County prosecutor next year.

John Bujak sent us this email in response to the Bar complaint: I have not been served with a copy of the Complaint, but Bar Counsel was kind enough to send me a copy via email. As the matter is pending, it is not appropriate for me to discuss the merits of the case. However, I find it noteworthy that the Complaint is based on alleged actions that occurred years ago.

They are only now being formally filed as a Complaint after I have announced that I am exploring candadacy for Canyon County Prosecutor and after two attorneys with ties to the Nampa law firm of Hamilton, Michaelson & Hilty filed renewed complaints with the Bar demanding action against me.

You will remember that Hamilton, Michaelson & HIlty had the Nampa Contract before I did and were supportive of Bob Henry's lawsuit against me while I was the Prosecutor. The timing of the Complaint is very suspicious to me and I am left to wonder how much of a role political pressure played in reaching the decision to seek the suspension of my license to practice law at this time. Since I need to be licensed to practice law to run for prosecutor, suspending my license to practice law is an easy way to take me out of the race.

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