BOISE -- A baby girl was still in the hospital in critical condition Saturday night after police say her mother's boyfriend injured the 18-month-old overnight.

Officers said she had head trauma and needed emergency surgery. Garden City Police said when paramedics got to the little girl around 2:30 Saturday morning, she was unconscious. Pretty quickly after they arrived on scene, they called police, who said her injuries weren't accidental.

Police said when they got to the mobile home, paramedics were rushing to get the injured 18-month-old to the hospital and things didn't seem right.

Upon doing an examination, they noticed that the injuries were not consistent with something that would be an accident, said Sgt. Blair Brannan with Garden City Police.

Twenty-one year old Jordan Everhart was arrested, charged with felony injury to a child. Everhart lives in the home and his girlfriend is the baby's mother.

The manager of the mobile home, Benny Nava, said the three just moved in a few months ago.

You didn't see much of them, Nava said.

Nava and the neighbors said they'd see the little girl playing around the home.

We've seen her here in the yard, he said. She used to play out here with a couple of little pups that they had.

Nava and other neighbors KTVB talked to said they never saw or heard any signs of violence in the home. Nava said he ran a background check on Everhart and his girlfriend before they moved in, finding nothing wrong.

There was no sign that things were going on, Nava said. Because she was always gone working. Leave early and come late. The only one that was in there with the girl was (Everhart).

Garden City Police are still investigating and said this is a reminder for everyone about possible cases of abuse.

We're talking about innocent children here that now they're going to be affected the rest of their lives, Brannan said. I mean, if you're having problems, please call somebody or walk away. This is very tragic for this little girl.

Police said the little girl's mother was not home at the time of the abuse. Nava said he understood that the mother is with her daughter at the hospital.

Because of the Columbus Day holiday Monday, Everhart will be arraigned on Tuesday at the Ada County Courthouse. He is being held on a $500,000 bond.

Garden City Police are encouraging anyone with information regarding Everhart to contact the police at 472-2950 or Crime Stoppers at 343-COPS.

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