BOISE-- As students are hitting the books, the state's Technology Task Force is working to figure out what classrooms in Idaho will look like in the future.

One of the tools that may guide the committee are the results of a technology survey. A subcommittee, chaired my Rep. Reed DeMordaunt, developed the survey.

It was posted online for a month and open to anyone who wanted to take it.

Most of the participants were teachers, followed by school and district administrators. Only three percent of the 949 participants were students.

It was a short, eight question survey. The answers reveal most people want computers to be used for research. Participants also say that whatever the technology devices look like, the most important thing is they are durable, have long battery life and have wireless capabilities.

Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Luna says every answer will help guide the committee in the coming months.

How they would use these devices in the classroom, the desire to be able to take them home and those kinds of bits and pieces of information are very helpful as we finalize the recommendations that we will be bringing forward, said Luna.

The Technology Task Force talked about getting more input from students. Luna says that is something he hopes they will be able to get now that school is back in session.

The Technology Task Force has meetings scheduled through December.

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