BOISE -- St. Luke's Medical Center in Boise has confirmed a dedicated pediatric nurse of 35 years died in a hiking accident in Wyoming.

Don Scott, a former 7's Hero, was at the top of Gannett Peak Wednesday afternoon when he slipped and fell. Officials say he fell a few hundred feet.

The medical community at St. Luke's is grieving the loss of the 63-year-old today.

We are told he was well-liked and dedicated to serving the needy from around the world.

Scott was named a 7's Hero in July 2005 for his work involving a youth camp for diabetics.

Fremont County officials say Scott was at the top Gannett Peak with four others, including his eldest son.

They tell us after his fall, search crews looked for him by air yesterday and today.

The report information we have is that he was standing on Gannett Peak which is approximately 14,000 feet. This is in the Wind River Mountain Range of Wyoming and is the highest peak in Wyoming, said Fremont County Coroner Ed McAuslan.

Crews have located a body, but were unable to recover it due to strong winds that prevented a helicopter from getting any closer.

Until the body has been recovered and properly identified, the coroner's office is unable to say if it definitely is Scott.

But again, St. Luke's is confirming that Don Scott has died.

Family members from Boise are headed to Wyoming right now.

Thursday, Scott's sister Nancy Harris told us the family is stunned byhis death.

They want others to know what a giving and kind man he was.

I helped him at camp this year with teenagers and I told him in then that I was in awe of everything he had accomplished, said Nancy Harris.

The soonest it's believed search crews can safely get in to Gannett Peak again to recover the body is Friday, if weather conditions permit.

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