BOISE -- Both the defense and prosecuction in the DanielEhrlick murder trial rested today.

Ehrlick is accused of abusing 8-year-old Robert Manwill, which the prosecution says ultimately lead to the boy's death.

Robert was missing for more than one week before his body was found in an irrigation canal near Kuna on August 3, 2009.

Monday, the defense questioned Daniel Ehrlick for the better part of the day. You can read about that line of questioning by clicking here.

Today, itwas the prosecution's turn.

Robert's discipline

The prosecution began their line of questioning by asking Daniel about the types of punishments Robert endured, specifically dead bug. The prosecution also asked Daniel if he and Melissa hid Robert in a closet during a health and welfare check because he had bruises from being disciplined.

Did you tell the detective that the dead bugs were causing the bruises on Robert's back? asked Ada County ProsecutorJill Longhurst.

Umm, yes I did, answeredEhrlick.

And did you tell the detective that he was being hid in the closest from health and welfare because he was bruised? Longhurst asked.

Yes I did, replied Ehrlick.

On Monday, Ehrlick told the court Robert was kept in the closet because he was not supposed to be visiting his mother during that time.

Ehrlick's interaction with detectives

The prosecuting attorney shifted focus and asked Ehrlick questions about the way he acted towards law enforcement officers while the search for Robert was underway.

Prosecuting attorney: Did it ever occur to you that you were behaving suspiciously?

Ehrlick: Oh, sure.

Attorney: But instead of cooperating with law enforcement, you started yelling at them about the cadaver dog.

Ehrlick: About them lying to me.

Attorney: You started yelling at the officers because you were upset, right?

Ehrlick: Yes.

Attorney: You didn't like them looking at you, did you?

Ehrlick: No, it wasn't that. It was them lying to me.

Attorney: You didn't like the fact that they kept asking you to clarify your story and you couldn't get it straight, right?

Ehrlick: I, it was the same story every time, I don't know how I couldn't get it straight.

Attorney: Well, Mr. Ehrlick, tell us what that story is then because we've heard that Robert disappeared before 7. We've heard he disappeared at 9:30. We've heard that you called police 35 minutes after you last saw him. We've heard a whole bunch of different things on those audio tapes out of your mouth and they're not consistent, right?

Ehrlick: Umm, the only thing that wasn't consistent was from the 8:15 to the 7:15.

Finding holes in the testimony

The prosecution spent its time trying to find holes in Ehrlick's testimony from Monday.

For example, on Monday, Ehrlick told his defense attorney that he knelt down to talk to Robert when the boy was being disciplined with the dead bug punishment. But Ehrlick said he never put his weight on the boy's abdomen.

Tuesday, the prosecution asked whether he put weight on the boy and Ehrlick replied that he might have put a little weight on Robert but he never dropped his weight on him.

So I want to be clear. Yesterday I understood you to say, you didn't put your weight on Robert, you knelt beside him. But today you're telling me that you actually did put your weight on him? asked Longhurst.

Ehrlick replied, I didn't say I knelt beside him.

Prosecuting attorney Longhurst also asked Ehrlick about the number of times Robert was punished by the dead bug method.

Prosecuting attorney: Yesterday, what did you tell us about how often you did the deadbug?

Ehrlick: Umm, just a few times.

Attorney: What do you mean by just a few?

Ehrlick: Umm, I'd say maybe a half a dozen.

Attorney: Like six?

Ehrlick: Correct.

Attorney: When did you do those?

Ehrlick: What do you mean when did you do them?

Attorney: When did you do them? Did you do them in June? In July?

Ehrlick: Later in July.

Longurst then tries to show the jury that Ehrlick's story has changed, and that is not what he originally told detectives.

Attorney: You specifically told him when he was asking you how often you dead bug Robert that you sometimes did that a couple of times a day.

Ehrlick: Yes. Not everyday.

Attorney: But you did it a couple of times a day?

Ehrlick: Yes.

Prosecution wraps up questioning

Prosecuting Attorney JillLonghurst ended her line of questioning withDanielEhrlick at about 10:30 a.m. Tuesday.

Next, the defense had the chance to speak withEhrlick and clarify a few things that were addressed today.

Court was adjourned after a very brief line of questioning from the defense.

The jury now has Wednesday off. Closing arguments will begin Thursday at 1 p.m.

Follow what happened in the courtroom Tuesday by reading the KTVB.COMLiveBlog, click here.

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