BOISE -- During the spring and summer months, donations to local non-profit organizations tend to go down.

People usually give a lot more during the holidays.

The Pajama Program is bucking that trend, thanks to a generous donation from Scentsy in Meridian!

The Scentsy Corporation is donating over a thousand pairs of pajama pants to the cause.

Scentsy is a successful local wickless candle company, but it also pumps out branded merchandise for consultants. That is where the 1,341 pairs of pajama pants came from.

We are very lucky to be a company that is doing well at the moment, but we do know it's still a hard time for many people, said Susan Rowe with Scentsy.

The Pajama Program usually gets donations for young children, so these pants are a welcome gift.

So often the ones forgotten are 12 years and up, and they are wearing adult sizes and do get less donations for those children, said Jaynie Horton, Pajama Program Idaho Chapter President.

Now, those teenagers won't be forgotten.

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