CAMBRIDGE -- When you ask people around Cambridge to list some of the things they are most proud of in their community, inevitably the list includes Salubria.

Just on the outskirts of Cambridge, in the shadow of Cuddy Mountain, sits Salubria -- a nice big home, complete with a cat on the front porch.

And inside, live some of the town's biggest celebrities, like 101-year-old Ellen Ford, the town matriarch.

I don't know of a better place you could be, said Ellen.

For her, Salubria is home. An assisted living facility and a unique non-profit community based project. It means people who call the Upper Country home don't have to leave when they get older.

Many of the residents grew up here. Some of them even went to grade school together, Salubria Administrator Jennifer Neider explained.

We're all a family we all care and we take care of each other, said Salubria resident Martha Bell. It is a Godsend to this community.

As chief resident gardeners, Mike and Janet Fox make sure their Salubria family has fresh from the garden produce.

Well I have a little trouble when they come on and they come out here and pick my berries and tomatoes the same way, but that's what it's for, said Mike Fox.

It took seven years to raise the money to build this facility. For three and a half years now it's benefits have been felt by the entire community.

We not only created a home for the elderly, but we were able to create jobs for people and just a good example of what you can do when a community works together, said Neider.

Salubria has room for 15 residents. Right now, 14 people call the center home.

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