BOISE -- What's better than a round of golf on a gorgeous day? When that game helps a child and their family.

Saturday was the 25th Annual Friendship Scramble golf tournament at Warm Springs Golf Course. Each year, the event raises money and gathers support for a different child with a life-threatening illness.

This year, that recipient was Gage Driskell, an 8-year-old who recently had a brain tumor removed and has limited motor function.

Because of his medical condition, Gage had to arrive at the event by ambulance. Air St. Luke's made sure it was a special arrivalby transporting Gage by helicopter.

The helicopter ride was awesome, saidJacob Driskell, Gage's father. It was really good.I think Gage enjoyed it a lot.I think he had a good time looking down on his favorite Bronco Stadium from above.

Because of the event, the Friendship Foundation was able to give Gage's family a check for $20,000.

We just hope that this little bit of money that we can raise, little bit of support we can give them is just a little bit of lining of silver that you know will help them along the way, said organizer Mike Russell.

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