BOISE -- A Canadian woman who survived seven weeks of near-starvation in the mountains of northern Nevada continues to recover at the hospital in Twin Falls. But the search for her husband continues.

Hunters found 56-year-old Rita Chretien Friday after they spotted her van on a forest road in Elko County. She is now being treated at St. Luke's Magic Valley Medical Center.

She had been on a liquid diet, but Monday a hospital spokesman says she is able to eat more solid food, and enjoy yogurt and other dairy products.

Rita's husband, 59-year-old Albert Chretien, has not been seen since March 22 when he set out to get help after their van got stuck in the mud.

Forest Service and BLM personnel are now assisting in the search with horses and ATVs.

And for the first time, we got an aerial view of the rugged terrain where the Canadian couple got lost.

As far as the eye can see it is empty, desert land, interrupted occasionally by steep gorges.

The Humboldt National Forest is in Elko County, Nevada, near the Idaho border. It is where Rita and Albert Chretien were last together, driving on a dirt road that turned muddy.

The Elko County Sheriff s Office says 30 people are scouring the vast and rugged terrain.

Detective Kevin McKinney says the area crews are looking in is some of the roughest terrain in the country.

It is very steep, it is very rocky, also there are pockets of deep snow still, said McKinney. The creeks and rivers are running very high right now due to the melted snow. A lot of road washouts due to the melted snow, rockslides.

Search crew were going to continue to lookfor Albert until as long as it's safe.

Searchers acquired a GPS system identical to the one Albert was using to try to determine what direction he may have gone.

They plan to retrace his stepsby seeing which direction the GPS would have suggested he travel.

Helicopter pilot Tim Allen knows this terrain well. He calls it unforgiving.

I think flying over that area we saw maybe one ranch within about five miles, said Allen. So on foot, especially if he was on foot, it's very unlikely he would have made it to that ranch.

Elko County officials believe Albert may still be alive and will continue the search until they find any evidence that proves them wrong.

Authorities have moved the couple's van from where it was stuck in the mud and where ATV riders spotted Rita inside it.

There is still no word on when Rita will be released from the hospital, but she is continuing to improve.

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