BOISE -- The state education budget is tight, and Idaho teachers have less to work with these days.

So, a Boise woman decided to step up and help out her neighborhood elementary school.

Now, she's affectionately called the school's Fairy Godmother .

Maggie O'Mara takes us to Mountain View Elementary to meet this week's 7's Hero.

Ms. Jarvis has a lot on her plate as a 5th grade teacher here at Mountain View Elementary.

As much as she loves her job, it isn't an easy one. Money is tight, and sometimes she just doesn't have enough for classroom supplies.

Especially for me as a first year teacher, there is so much you don't think about that you need.
This is my little neighborhood school, I live down the street.

That's where Nancy Pape' comes in... with her arms full!

Room 16 needed cotton balls for an art project. I love art. They also needed highlighters, pens and glue guns and wipes, said Nancy Pape'. Stuff to help teachers who don't have enough resources to do what they do best.

This is Nancy's second year helping out this way.

They've got this neat little tree out here, that has apples, the teachers write up their requests and anyone can come in and just pick them off, said Nancy.

Nancy will pick every apple off the tree.

For teachers like Ms. Jarvis, it means the world.

We don't make a lot of money so anything helps. Anything, said Mrs. Jarvis, a teacher at Mountain View Elementary.

This is really fun to do so I do it! said Nancy.

Now the staff and students have started calling her the school's Fairy Godmother .

One of the most treasured things I got recently was a pack of thank you notes, said Nancy.

Like this one from Anthony Bigness:

Dear Mrs Pape', thank you for helping our school out. You are just like a fairy godmother. read Nancy. Several of them said Dear Fairy Godmother, it touched me in a way that surprised me.

Nancy says she'll play that role for as long as she can.

She's hoping to inspire others to reach out in their communities too.

Take the first step, said Nancy. Start little, who knows what it will grow to. I'm not a teacher, but I can help teachers do their best job, so we're in this together.

If you have an idea for a Seven's Hero, someone who's making a difference in our community - email Maggie O'Mara and let her know about it.

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