6 dinner-roll balls of frozen bread dough (thawed) or English muffins
Olive oil and salt
6 eggs
6 slices Boar s head ham
Chopped fresh herbs such as rosemary, basil, oregano, thyme, tarragon and chives
6 slices cheese
6 slices tomato

Prepare grill to medium-heat. Brush both sides of bread with olive oil, place on baking sheet and let rise. Let bread rise until dough becomes puffy.

Meanwhile, spray muffin tin and crack 6 eggs into the muffin tins, sprinkle with salt and pepper and fresh herbs, cover muffin tin with aluminum foil and place on grill and cook 4-5 minutes. Remove and set aside.

Place ham around edges of grill to warm. Place dough balls on grill and cook about 1 minute. Flip bread over and quickly scatter herbs on top of each round, then top with cheese and cook until cheese melts.

Place bread round or English muffins on serving platter, layer with tomato and ham. Scoop out each egg and place on top of ham. Sprinkle each with snipped chives and ground pepper. Add other ingredients of your choice and enjoy.

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