HAILEY -- One year ago Wednesday, Army Specialist Bowe Bergdahl was captured outside his post in Afghanistan.

On the anniversary, the people of Hailey are again coming together to honor Bergdahl and renew hope for his safe return.

Today marks one year since our son, Bowe Bergdahl was taken into captivity. He has not been forgotten for even one of these past 365 days, read Blaine County Sheriff Walt Femling.

In front of Zaney's River Street CoffeeHouse in Hailey, Bowe's former workplace,Femling read a prepared statement from the Bergdahl family.

We're trying to find courage and be patient while doing everything we can to keep hope during this difficult situation.

Some Hailey residents are keeping Bowe's memory alive by placing new yellow ribbons around the city.

Symbolizes our care for him and our remembrance of him. I think it's just letting him know we're thinking about him, said Cindy Sparks.

Cindy Sparks is from Portland, Oregon. Last year she was in Hailey visiting family when Bowe was captured. She returned again Wednesdayon the anniversary of Bowe's captureto show her support.

This is someone in captivity that we want to see home with his family, said Sparks.

Sue Martin is the owner of Zaney's. She says the yellow ribbons are important as they keep Bowe in the forefront of everyone's mind.

I think that that energy travels and it's a significant part of his return and I think it's important to continually let the family know that everybody's here for them and with them and we're standing with Bowe until he comes home, saidMartin.

Bergdahl was discovered missing during his unit's roll-call.

He is now listed as missing-captured and is still considered as an active duty soldier.

On June 12, the U.S. Army announced that they had promoted Bergdahl from private first class to specialist because he was due that promotion.

In a statement from The International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan, Rear Admiral Greg Smith says:

Since he was captured on June 30, 2009, it has been a top priority for U.S. and Coalition forces to find him, recover him, and bring him home safely. We continue our efforts to determine his whereabouts and ensure his safe return. Our thoughts and prayers are with Bowe and his family.

We spoke with NBC's Chief Pentagon correspondent Jim Miklaszewski Wednesday afternoon.

He says it is widely believed the group holding Bergdahl is after money, that they want a ransom paid for Bowe.

He says finding the missing soldier is a daily priority for U.S. forces.

We are told that the search continues that it is still one of their top priorities. If you talk to some of these military leaders on background they still have no clue as to the exact whereabouts of Bowe Bergdahl, but whenever they launch missions particularly in the eastern parts of Afghanistan it is always on the back of every combat commanders mind to keep an eye out for any kind of information that could lead to the whereabouts of Bowe, and hopefully his safe return, said Miklaszewski.

As it stands now, U.S. forces do not have any hard leads as to Bergdahl s whereabouts.

They do however believe he is alive and will remain alive in captivity.

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