NAMPA -- A Idaho prosecutor struggling to pay personal debts may reap tens of thousands above his taxpayer-funded salary with a contract he signed for his office to handle misdemeanor cases for Nampa.

Canyon County prosecutor John Bujak, who earns $101,608 in his current post, faces vehicle and credit card debts.

Bujak signed a $598,000 contract with the city of Nampa to provide prosecution services.

He told Canyon County commissioners Monday the contract will save the county $276,000 this year by covering supplies, equipment and training.

But a private citizen has filed a lawsuit, demanding Bujak provide expense records from the contract.

Bujak, who contends the contract is private, hopes to earn up to $50,000 from the pact.

County Commissioner Kathy Alder says Bujak should be allowed to keep cash left over, after expenses.

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