KELLOGG, Idaho -- People in Kellogg took matters into their own hands Wednesday and took down a flag that replaced the American flag in a city park.

According to a city offiicial, a group of citizens used a boom truck from Dave Smith Motors and removed the Tree City USA flag, a banner awarded from the Idaho Department of Lands to cities that value urban forestry, and replaced it with an American flag.

Last August, the city was awarded the Tree City USA flag and chose to fly it beneath the American flag in the park. Veterans were outraged, and city officials came up with options to either move the flag and a veterans memorial elsewhere in the park or buy another flagpole.

Last month, Kellogg officials decided to remove the American flag and move the veterans memorial 100 yards away, where a new monument is being built, but leaving only the Tree City USA flag.

One man called the move a slap in the face to veterans.

Wednesday, the city officialsaid thatthe actions by the citizen group were illegal and not supported by the city.

The official also confirmed the group has filed a petition to recall the entire Kellogg City Council.

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