BOISE-- Days after the failed Idaho GOPConvention, there is still uncertainty over who is in charge. A meeting Thursday of the Idaho GOPRules Committee aimed at answering that question.

The meeting resembled many of the descriptions of the GOPConvention, with shouting, interruptions, and many disagreements. The main question they assembled to try and answer was did the delegates at the convention agree to keep the chairman and committee for two more years by agreeing to adjourn the convention?

The GOPRules Committee passed three key motions, making clear their stance on the issue of party leadership.

First, they passed a motion saying that by agreeing to adjourn the convention, the delegates agreed to keep the existing leadership for another two years.

Second, they passed a motion saying a meeting held by other members of the GOP Wednesday night to vote in new leadership was not legitimate.

Third, they passed a motion saying the convention followed party rules when they had the adjournment signify a vote to keep existing leadership.

Families quarrel from time to time, said GOPRules Committee Chairman, Ron Nate. Iview this Republican Party as my big family, and we do have quarrels from time to time, but the good news is we have a set of rules that we can turn to and help settle disputes.

Nate said that in his six years as chair or co-chair of this committee, he has never experienced anything like this.

When rules get broken, unfortunately, we have to have a remedy for that, and today we overcame some of the problems in the party and I think we're ready to move on for two years, said Nate.

According to the GOPRules Committee, this means Barry Peterson would keep his position as Chair. However, attorney Jason Risch, who gave a legal opinion on the situation, did not attend the meeting because he and others believe Thursday's meeting was not legitimate.

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