BOISE Now that school is out for many, summers will be spent by the water. However, there is a word of caution for those who choose to recreate near ponds and rivers.

Anytime folks are out recreating in bodies of water that aren t chlorinated, you have got to take precaution not to ingest that water, said Jennifer Okerlund, the Communications Manager with the Idaho State Parks and Recreation.

The agency tests the surface water for bacteria monthly, but recently when a family called to say they were sicken from what they thought was E. coli while swimming in the pond, those with the Eagle Island State Park expedited the testing process for the month of June.

That test was clear, said Okerlund.

Although there is no bacteria found in the pond, Okerland explains the monthly testings are important.

Eagle Island has gotten increasing popular. Any given weekend the beaches fill up, the grassy islands fill up, and Eagle Island has become one of the Treasure Valley's favorite places to swim and picnic, she said.

Okerland said there has never been a case of E. coli at Eagle Island s pond. The water is also tested at Sandy Point pond, a popular swimming spot below Lucky Peak Dam.

Those results also came back negative for bacteria for the month of June.

However, Okerland says if in the occasion that a test would be positive for bacteria, they would consult the Department of Environmental Quality, and follow their guidelines for notifying the public.

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