MOSCOW - Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, a 2016 GOP presidential prospect, spoke in front of hundreds of Idaho Republicans Friday and urged them to put differences aside as they head into November.

In Republican-dominated states like Idaho, Paul says it's normal to have political in-fighting inside the party. However, he added it's important to support Republican candidates in the general election.

Paul's speech came just hours after hundreds of GOP delegates attending the three-day convention in Moscow, Idaho, spent the day fighting over control of the state party.

Nearly 20 percent of the delegates were deemed ineligible by a committee controlled by the tea party, which is at odds with Republican's establishment wing in Idaho.

Idaho congressman Raul Labrador, who recently announced his bid for U.S. House majority leader, said he's working on uniting the state and national Republican party but declined to give details right away on his strategy to do so.

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