BOISE-- Five Caldwell firefighters are more than halfway done with an epic bike ride from Canyon County to San Francisco, California.

The Cycling for Hearts ride started on May 31 in Nampa.

Since then, the men involved have ridden hundreds of miles and overcome some serious challenges. The ride benefits children battling heart diseases.

On Saturday, when the firefighters were on the road to Reno, one of the cyclists fell off his bike.

The support vehicle following the five firefighters during their two-week trip had to take Will Gigray to the hospital.

The rest of the guys told us it was tough to keep going knowing one of their friends was in the hospital, but they pressed on.

Gigray is OK and he ended up joining the ride again on Sunday. He suffered some cuts and bruises from his fall.

On Sunday night, the five firefighters reach South Lake Tahoe.

They say throughout the trip, they've met many helpful people at fire stations, businesses and restaurants. The firefighters have even spent the night with fellow firefighters at local fire stations during the ride.

They're still planning to reach San Francisco on Thursday. When the five Caldwell firefighters arrive, they'll have biked more than 900 miles.

The goal of the trip is to raise money for the Jayden DeLuca Foundation. The Idaho non-profit helps children and families dealing with heart disease.

Along the way, the guys have been collecting donations. Before they left on their bikes, they'd already raised more than $10,000.

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