BOISE A man who lives near the Snake River in Owyhee County believes someone is dumping something into the river that looks like sewage.

Greg Nichols lives along the Snake River, just south of Melba. He says for the past month he's seen foam and what looks like sewage floating past his house. Now he's ready to see it go away.

Someone is putting something in the river upstream from here, said Nichols.

The section of the river where Nichols saw the foam is usually a beautiful area. It is a place that dogs and birds frequent.

Not far upstream from there is Celebration Park, where people play and swim in the water.

But in a video Nichols shot on May 8th, it appears to show something that is not normal.

I'm not exactly sure what it was so I played with it with a stick and it looked like human waste, said Nichols.

Nichols says the foam and debris is not there all the time. Sometimes it is there when he wakes up in the morning, then it is gone later in the day.

It's not normal or we would have it constantly, said Nichols.

Nichols says he's never seen anyone put anything into the river, leaving him only to speculate.

I've been here irrigating and everything at this property for two, two-and-a-half years, going on three years, and I've never seen nothing like that, said Nichols.

There's solid waste in it and it's a different kind of foam and then it goes away, he said.

Now he wants answers.

I just like to know what the cause of it is or what it is, said Nichols.

KTVB reached out to the EPA to see if they received any complaints, and they hadn't.

But now it's on their radar.

You can't be doing that. Everybody knows that. You have to abide by the law, that's way illegal, said Nichols.

The next step is for Nichols and the EPA to get together to figure out exactly what is floating in the river. The EPA will look at the video, take water samples and go from there.

We will continue to follow this as the EPA investigates whether anything illegal is being dumped into the Snake River.

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