BOISE -- The match-ups have been set for the general elections, and less than a day after the primaries had ended, candidates in Idaho were already campaigning for November.

Sherri Ybarra won the GOP nomination for superintendent of public instruction.

I am so excited to move forward, and aid in fixing some of the issues that we have with education, said Ybarra. And, I am going to fight hard for the Republican Party.

The common refrain for many chasing after statewide seats, is a focus on education.

Education should be the number one priority in this state, said Jana Jones, who won the Democratic nomination for state superintendent. If we want to improve our economy, if we want to improve our wages, if we want to improve our outcomes for kids, education needs to be Idaho's number one priority to turn this state around.

The gubernatorial and lieutenant governor candidates are talking a lot about education too.

Gov. Butch Otter (R-Idaho), who won the GOP nomination for his re-election, spoke on the steps of the Statehouse with all the GOP candidates for statewide seats behind him.

There is no question in my mind that every one of the candidates behind us... Every one of them want a better economy, said Otter. Every one of them want a better education system. Every one of them want a better future for the state of Idaho.

Otter's challenger in November, A.J. Balukoff, is also focused on education as a foundation of his campaign.

I think that's the most important thing that's missing in our state right now, is leadership on education, he said.

The focus of these campaigns is not a huge surprise. Analysts have said education could be the number one issue for Idaho voters, and candidates know it.

Everybody is concerned about the education of their children and grandchildren, said Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor, Bert Marley.

The general election will be held November 4th.

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