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MERIDIAN -- A drunken driving crash last month has left two families struggling to pick up the pieces.

No one was hurt when Jillian Abbott swerved off the road and into the houses in the early hours of April 19. Police say the 21-year-old Meridian woman was drunk when she got behind the wheel.

The woman has been charged with a pair of misdemeanors. The residents of the homes she hit say that isn't enough.

Well, I wanted a new kitchen but holy smokes...I got one, said Kelly Smith, standing in her incomplete kitchen. It had to be completely redone, along with the siding on one side of her house after the driver crashed into her home.
One month and almost $30,000 later, Smith is still without a kitchen.

I didn't sleep for probably the first 10 days, she said.

Smith's neighbors had an even closer call when Abbott hit the corner of their house, smashing into the bedroom where their young sons were sleeping.

Kimberly Boulander said Abbott was swerving along their street when she drove up onto their lawn, knocked down their lamppost, barreled through a cement planter, hit the corner of their house, and kept going past the fence and into the Smith's house.

We were very upset, said Boulander. She had hit our son's bed, and had actually run over the corner of his bed. One of the bedposts was about 12-feet outside the house.

Her 6- and 9-year-old sons are sleeping in the living room while the house is being fixed.

Ray wouldn't be here today if she had been a couple inches to the left, Boulander said talking about one of her sons.

She says Abbott should be charged with a more serious crime for the crash which could have easily turned deadly. Abbott is charged with misdemeanor DUI and possession of drug paraphernalia. She's currently free on an $800 bond, and is due back in court June 2.

It wasn't the expense, it was the fact that she almost hit our son that caused the most stress, said Boulander.

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