A Boise man who hit a 15-year-old cyclist with his truck last year could spend as few as eight days in jail, a judge ruled Friday.

Edward Pruett, 47, was leaving a parking lot at Cole and Ustick Roads when he hit the teen, who was riding on the sidwalk across the lot's exit. According to witnesses, Pruett got out of his truck and yelled at the cyclist, but fled after people at the scene told him they were calling police.

The 15-year-old suffered a torn ligament in his knee and was taken to a local hospital.

Officers found Pruett at a Boise home and arrested him. He was charged with misdemeanor inattentive driving and felony leaving the scene of an accident causing injury or death. The misdemeanor was later dropped in a November plea deal.

Judge Melissa Moody sentenced Pruett to a year in jail, but suspended the sentence, and ordered him to be held instead for 30 days. Only ten of those have to be served behind bars: Pruett has the option of spend the other 20 day in the jail's work release program. With credit for the two days he spent in jail before posting bail, Pruett will likely be released May 24.

The driver was also ordered to pay $3,691 in restitution to the teenager's family. The boy's father said Friday that he felt justice had been done and was happy the case was over.

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