BOISE -- It's not Thanksgiving, but the entire city of Boise seems to be talking turkey. Idaho Department of Fish and Game officials confirmed an adult male wild turkey has been wandering the city streets. Thursday, he was spotted at One Capital Center.

We've been getting reports from people for, pretty much all week saying that they're seeing a wild turkey around town, said Steve Liebenthal, with the Idaho Department of Fish and Game.

Fish and Game believes he wandered quite a distance to get downtown.

Either he's come all the way from arrow rock, that area, or possibly out of the foothills somewhere, but as far as we know there are no resident wild turkeys, even in the Boise River around town, said Liebenthal. So this bird has apparently traveled a long way.

He's been reported across the city at the MK Nature Center, Bardenay, and the Boise State campus, but came to One Capital Center--- also home to the famous downtown falcons.

Biologists say it's mating season, and he may be out searching for a special feathered friend.

It just goes to show you what a male will do, Liebenthal said, with a laugh.

This could also explain why he keeps staring at his reflection. Bird experts said he probably thinks it's another tom, and he's feeling competitive.

Folks are asked not to try to touch or catch the turkey.

It doesn't seem like a bird like that could really do much damage, but if cornered, it could, said Liebenthal.

Folks at the Ruth Melichar Bird Center tried to catch him, but were unsuccessful. Fish and Game Officials are trying to find a good time to get him so they can relocate the bird. If you see the tom, call Fish and Game so they can track him down.

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