BOISE-- Astronauts Steve Swanson and Rick Mastracchio spoke with science and engineering students at Boise State via satellite uplink from the International Space Station Tuesday.

The SpaceBroncos event lasted just over 20 minutes. About 200 people attended the historic symposium held in the Jordan Ballroom at the Boise State University.

Yes, there was a Boise State Broncos hat in space for all you football fans. Back on land, university catering served tang, an astronaut favorite.

Students here asked about 20 academic questions, including:

  • What does the conservation of angular momentum look like in microgravity? (Hint: it has to do with flipping and spinning)
  • Are there things you guys need to get used to again? Were there any surprises this time around?
  • Have you experienced any mental or attitude shifts that might surprise someone who's never been to space?

The technology and equipment needed for the presentation took more than a month to set up. A team of camera technicians, videographers - more than 100 people from BSU and NASA took part.

Watch the full Q&A session here.

The astronauts of Expedition 39 aboard the International Space Station have been working closely with BSU. They've helped students with various experiments in space over the past academic year.

Interestingly, astronaut Steve Swanson's parents live in Eagle,Idaho. They gave a presentation and slide show immediately afterward.

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