CALDWELL -- Three fourth graders have been kicked out of school for bringing items to class in their backpacks that they intended to make fireworks with.

Vallivue Superintendent Pat Charlton says the potentially dangerous situation unfolded earlier this month at Central Canyon Elementary School.

Charlton says the principal was able to intervene before the situation developed into anything dangerous after a parent tipped off administrators.

The three students said they wanted to get out of school early for summer vacation so they planned to make some fireworks that they would set off around the school.

The students reportedly brought empty cans, empty magic markers, and scraps of paper In their backpacks to make the fireworks. None of the students had any matches.

Charlton said the students involved are not allowed to come back to the school for the remainder of the school year. They will be home schooled.

A note was sent home to the parents of all fourth graders, reminding them to check their child's backpacks frequently.

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