BOISE -- Friday was the last day for hundreds of employee's at Boise's Maximus Call Center, employees told KTVB.

In February, employees told us Maximus, a contracted company that operates a call center for people who are signing up for health care coverage, gave their employees notice that hundreds would lose their jobs.

Amber Buffington started working at the Maximus call center last September.

I actually asked on on boarding even before I signed paperwork that I was guaranteed a job, said Buffington. They guaranteed me a job between 24 to 30 months, and so I accepted the job. I actually left a job to go to this job so I was thinking, 'OK this is a good company, we're going to be OK.'

Buffington said she asked supervisors when she started working, to make sure she would have a job down the road.

Everybody that I talked to guaranteed it, she said. Up until probably about a month before I got the notice, I was guaranteed a job after open enrollment, after this time frame.

In late February, KTVB reported that employees were told they would be laid-off in April. Employees told us they got emails detailing who would be laid off, and who would keep their jobs. In mid-April, Buffington said calls slowed down.

They've only kept, from what I've been told, around three to 400 people in the call center, Buffington said.

People who were let go were asked to sign a separation agreement. Anyone who accepted the agreement, which included a severance, would not be allowed to speak to the media about what happened.

I wasn't one that signed that just because I didn't feel that I should have to be silenced about everything that I went through, the heartache, and just the stress that the company had put on me from the very beginning, Buffington said.

Buffington has another job lined up, but said a lot of her former co-workers aren't so lucky.

Buffington told us when the email went out several months ago about layoffs, some people quit. She said about 1,200 to 1,300 ended up staying on until Friday.

When they announced the layoffs, a letter from Maximus indicated that they plan to hire again in the fall for the next health insurance enrollment period.

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