BOISE -- Organizers have raised enough money to create a food truck park in Boise's West End.

It started with an idea Matthew Sorensen and his wife Erin dreamed up.

My ultimate vision is to have this be the hip new spot for people in this neighborhood to come and enjoy some food, be able to bring the family out and enjoy an evening, said Matthew Sorensen.

That vision is becoming a reality. They raised more than $20,000 to create the West End Food Park, a site where food trucks can park regularly. Many of the contributions to their Kickstarter campaign came from food trucks.

There were a lot of just people too, said Sorensen. Some of our largest donations were from just people that wanted to see the project happen.

The money raised will go to fixing up the lot, getting electricity, resealing the surface, creating a sewer dump and putting in things like tables.

Everyone we've talked to has been very supportive, they like the idea, they like that it's going to bring people into this area of town, Sorensen said. I haven't heard really a bad word about it, everyone's been really excited.

The City of Boise is also supportive of the idea, and is planning to put in a park and ride in the area that will compliment the project.

Sorensen hopes to sign the lease next week, and have the park running by May. They hope to be able to have five to eight food trucks in the park at a time.

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