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NAMPA -- Last week, Nampa learned that planned tenants had backed out of the private portion of the Library Square plan in downtown Nampa.

The library and parking garage are part of a separate contract, and that public piece of the project will not change. It's still on schedule to open early next year, but it's a different story for the two retail buildings planned for the same property.

Last May, Nampa broke ground on a more than $20 million plan. Gardner Company was behind both the public and private contracts, with taxpayers supporting the 65,000 square-foot public library and the parking garage.

In December, the library got a big boost, with a nearly $400,000 donation from Micron.

Now, the work continues on schedule.

We are all optimistic now, we see it coming out of the ground, we're seeing the finishes now, the sheer scale of the building seems to be awe inspiring or overcoming by some people standards, said Nampa City Councilman Randy Haverfield.

However, the issue is the nearby empty lots where two buildings were planned.

A 4,000 square-foot retail space and a three floor 30,000 square-foot office building.

They couldn't prelease it, and from their standpoint it made it difficult for them to find financing, and execute their portion of that obligation, said Haverfield.

Gardner Company told us by phone that some tenants had to back out in the last few weeks as they hit their contract's deadline.

Now, Nampa must decide whether to enter a modified contract with Gardner Company, or go with another developer.

Moving forward NDC will have some decisions to make, we don't have the answers yet, we are working with legal counsel to see what our options are, said Haverfield.

Regardless of what happens next, that piece of the project will definitely be delayed.

However, Haverfield says Nampa residents shouldn't worry.

We are confident and optimistic that in time, six months or whatever it may be, we're on track to complete that portion of the project as well, said Haverfield

Gardner Company tells us the three restaurants along with the companies interested in office space backed out for various reasons, but none had to do with the property itself or any issues with the city of Nampa.

Again, the library and parking garage are still scheduled to be complete by February of next year.

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