BOISE -- The ongoing controversy over a dog shooting by a police officer in Filer has a new twist.

A movement is underway to recall the mayor and all four city council members because the officer who shot and killed the dog is still on the Filer Police force.

Mayor Rick Dunn says Officer Tarek Hassani is still on paid administrative leave.

He says the city council is still trying to decide his future with the department.

There is now a Facebook page organizing the recall effort.

KTVB talked with the man behind the page, who doesn't want his identity released.

He says he's a citizen of Filer who wanted to help coordinate the recall. The Facebook page now has more than 600 likes.

The incident happened on Feb. 8, 2014, when Hassani shot and killed a dog named Hooch who was running loose in a neighborhood.

The officer says he felt threatened by the dog, and a police investigation into the incident ultimately found he was justified.

The recall cannot officially begin until April 7 when the mayor and city council members have been in office for 90 days.

The group then needs 20 signatures to file a petition for the recall.

If that happens, more than 200 signatures are needed by registered voters in 75 days.

My reaction is everyone has an opinion, and they are entitled to it, said Mayor Rick Dunn.

Dunn says it's the citizens' right, but says his office tried to handle the issue properly.

We've done everything we can do to listen to the folks and take in their opinions, and we've gotten our legal council. We've gotten our ICRIMP. We've done everything we can do to rectify the situation as best we can legally, said Dunn.

Dunn says he's disappointed that the incident has brought so much negative publicity to the city.

It's a shame people are judging the city of Filer by one incident. Filer is a wonderful town with good employees and good citizens, and it's a shame that this has to be what gets the word out about us, said Dunn.

As for the dog's owner, Rick Clubb, he told us by phone that's he glad for the recall and hopes it works.

I never in the world thought it would come down to this, but I'm glad people are fighting for their rights. To the people who are doing it, good luck and they got my support, said Clubb.

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