BOISE COUNTY -- Bogus Basin has seen plenty of fresh snow over the last few days and much more is on the way this weekend.

The winter storm means the ski area has decided to stay open longer, extending their season an extra week.

On Friday, there were plenty of skiers and snowboarders enjoying the fresh powder.

Oh it's good, really good, all that new snow and soft, it's great, really great, said skier Pharis Stanger.

Skiers and snowboarders flocked to the white slopes, grateful for the snow.

It is hard because you want to go more often and you have to work around what the weather is like, said Pharis Stanger.

While some say spring means time spent off the mountain, others disagree and are relishing in a few more runs.

We can do that other stuff all summer long, and once this is gone, it's gone til next year, said Chad Olson.

Bogus Basin admits that in the last few seasons they haven't seen the sales they're used to.

This year will be about the same as the last couple years, the six years prior to that, we averaged about 330 thousand skier visits a year. The last two years we've averaged about 225 thousand skier visits, so you can tell it's down a ways, said General Manager Alan Moore.

And as for the extra week, they say this time of year, it won't mean much more money.

It's not so much financial as this is the community's ski area, and it's good to get it open as long as we can when we have good conditions, said Moore.

But, Moore says he says it also boosts morale as another year on Bogus wraps up.

It's just like winning that final game of the season. This is a great way to go out, said Moore.

This season Bogus opened on December 8, and will close on Sunday, April 6.

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