COEUR D ALENE, Idaho--KREM 2 News continued to learn more Wednesday about a 14-year-old boy accused of brutally murdering two family members on Monday night.

Coeur d Alene police said Eldon Samuel III admitted to killing his 46-year-old father and 13-year-old brother. Investigators said he used a pistol, a shotgun, a knife and a machete in the murder. He faces two counts of first degree murder.

Court documents hinted that the murder suspect has a potentially violent history.

The documents stated that Samuel s family members said they were concerned about the teenager when he was younger. They claimed he used to torture animals.

Coeur d Alene detectives were back at the crime scene on Wednesday looking for any more potential evidence from the murder suspect.

Investigators said the teenager showed no remorse after confessing to killing his father and younger brother.

A police report shows the teenager s maternal grandparents told California authorities that he showed troubling behavior in the past. The report said that when the teenager was younger, he continually tortured animals.

KREM 2 News contacted the grandparents, but they declined comment on the case.

Most juvenile records are sealed so it was unclear if the teenager had any prior run-ins with the law.

Court documents also showed the teenager may have had a possible obsession with a violent video game.

The murder suspect told investigators about time he spent playing Grand Theft Auto Five, according to court documents. He allegedly said that he likes playing as the character Trevor--a psycho path who has anger issues and shoots other characters.

KREM 2 News learned more on Tuesday night about the murder suspect s younger brother, Jonathan Samuel. Staff and teachers at Canfield Middle School declined comment to KREM 2 News and requested privacy.

KREM 2 News was told Jonathan Samuel was well liked by students and staff there and that he had a positive impact on the school.

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