BOISE -- Resorts across the area are reporting a great boost from the latest snow that came through Idaho.

Brundage Mountain
New snow since 5pm: 4
New snow in the last 48 hours: 14
Summit depth: 61

Our systems actually started to change on January 29, said Brundage Mountain's April Whitney. We got into a snow system a little bit earlier than most of the other resorts in our area. We had 14 inches of snow fall last week, and we've had 18 inches fall this week. So we're actually going on two weeks now with really nice powder skiing on a consistent basis.

Whitney said Brundage has been seeing more skiers coming and staying for longer periods of time since they got all this snow.

Our conditions have just been amazing, the snow keeps falling and it looks like it's going to keep falling for another week at least, said Whitney.

Tamarack Resort
Friday snowfall: 5
Saturday snowfall: 3
Sunday snowfall: 6

The last week has been very good and people have been making the drive and enjoying it, said Tim Flaherty, of Tamarack Resort.

With some help from man-made snow, Tamarack has a good base. However, they're excited for the fresh powder.

With Mother Nature helping us along the way, it's actually been a good season for us, and to date right now, we have pretty much everything open, said Flaherty. I think we still have two runs that we're still looking at to get open in the next snow storm.

Bogus Basin
Base depth: 46
Friday snowfall: 3
Saturday snowfall: 5
Sunday snowfall: 1

Bogus Basin was more than ready for some more snow. They said things have turned around since the snow storm.

The new snow makes all the difference because we had been getting a little thin, said Alan Moore, of Bogus Basin. It's a different place up here with 15 inches of snow in the last six days.

They are anticipating Saturday will be one of the biggest days of the season thus far.

Sun Valley Resort
Bald Mountain:
Base depth: 49
Past 24 hours: 6
Past 48 hours: 17
Past 72 hours: 21
Dollar Mountain:
13 of 22 trails open, 4 of 5 lifts open

Sun Valley has snow-making capabilities, but they said their website got a lot of hits when the snow came down.

It's got a lot of smiles on people's faces, said Jack Sibbach, from Sun Valley Resort. Powder skiing all day and the skiing this morning was just fantastic.

Sibbach said they saw a high skier-count Saturday.

People were lined up at 8:15 waiting for the lifts to open up and everybody was smiling and talking and saying its going to be a great day, Sibbach said. It's very enthusiastic here.

Soldier Mountain Ski Area
Friday night: 12 new
Base: 20
Summit: 32

Soldier Mountain got 12 new inches of snow overnight from Friday into Saturday. The management will make a decision Monday morning as to whether they have enough snow to open. They are packing snow and say the forecast for more looks promising.

Pomerelle Mountain Resort
Base depth: 57
Friday snowfall: 12
Saturday snowfall: 6
Sunday snowfall: 2

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